Our History

The Beginning

In 1985 a group of nurses from the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital identified a need for a palliative care service and West Niagara Palliative Care Services began.  

The First 10 years

The first ten years saw volunteers in the community supporting palliative clients.  A house trailer was donated by the Grimsby Rotary Club, for a meeting place and as a place for families to stay close to their critically ill family member.  The trailer was named Rose Cottage and rose bushes were planted around the trailer.  The organization became known as West Niagara Palliative Care o/a Rose Cottage Visiting Volunteers.  

The Next 10 years

A successful proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Health for funding.   During the next 10 years, policies and procedures were established, a Board of Directors and constitution were put in place and assessment coordinators were hired to assess families/clients referred to the service.   The commitment then as now, is to respond to a request within 24hrs.  

30+ Years in West Niagara

As the West Niagara region continues to grow and attract more retirees to the area, Rose Cottage Visiting Volunteers will continue to adapt and meet the needs of caregivers/clients living with a life-limiting illness.
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